10th August 2020 

tel: 07933 219153
How will I know if it’s for me?

Whether there is something specific troubling you – relationship difficulties, maybe, or money worries perhaps, stress at work or concerns that something else in your life is out of control – or you are just feeling low and wanting things to change – talking in confidence and being listened to and understood can often help. Whatever is troubling you, you can ring me in confidence and without obligation (07933 219 153) or click here to email me You can arrange an initial session when we can discuss your requirements and you can decide whether or not to continue at that point.

Does it work for everyone?

Counselling can work for anyone provided the time is right and you are willing to use the opportunity to be honest with yourself, and act on the conclusions you come to. Sometimes simply talking things through in a neutral setting can be helpful in clarifying your thinking. If you’re looking for significant, lasting change, you might need to commit to behaving differently as well as thinking differently.

How soon will I be seen?

I can usually offer an appointment within a week of you contacting me - sometimes less. If you need an early or late appointment time (9.00am or 4.30 pm) then you may have to wait a bit longer as these slots are usually in demand.

Do I have to agree to lots of sessions?

No. Depending on what you want to achieve, usually we will arrange to have a few sessions then review. I will ask for a commitment to keep any appointments you book.

Where do you work?

In my office at home. The room is quiet, comfortable and private. I also offer a limited number of sessions in Galashiels. Both venues offer disabled access, toilet facilites and free parking.

How long does an appointment last?

I set aside an hour for sessions, though you can stop at any time before that if you wish. Sometimes, we might arrange a longer session - for instance if you are travelling a long way to see me.

Is there a waiting room?

No, so it’s important that you arrive on time. I do allow at least 15 minutes between sessions, so you won’t bump into other clients!

Can I bring my partner?

If you want to work on your relationship, then coming with your partner is helpful (though not essential).

Will I have to talk about things I’d rather not discuss?

I need to ask for factual details, like address and date of birth and so on. The rest is up to you. I will ask questions (with the aim of helping you clarify your thinking) but you do not have to answer!

What if I find I want to have regular sessions with you?

We will decide together on what will suit you best and agree frequency, times and fees at the end of the first session. The initial session costs 40. I can sometimes offer a reduced fee if your circumstances require it and you want to have several weekly sessions.

How do I arrange an appointment?

You can contact me on 07933 219 153. If I am not available you can leave a message in confidence and I will call back as soon as I am able. If you prefer, you can click here to email me and I will send a reply to the address you give me.